Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are prefabricated units consisting of two steel-sheet facings (external and internal) and a structural-insulation core between them. The core of the panel guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation, and, being made of mineral wool, additionally provides high protection against fire. Steel facings are protected against corrosion, and, together with the core, give the panel high mechanical strength.

Sendvičové panely stenové

Wall sandwich panels in steel facing are the most-commonly used building material for building industrial, commercial, cubature, office, sports, agricultural, and public buildings. Sandwich panels are also used to build partition walls, ceilings, and other partitions in various types of building.

Strešné PUR panely

Roof sandwich panels (external surface in a trapezoidal shape) are used to make various types of roof with a small or medium inclination angle. Thanks to the proper profiling of the locks, ARPANEL roof sandwich panels have total tightness against air, steam, and rain infiltration. Roof panels are used as roofing material for production buildings, shopping centres, warehouses, and agricultural-industry buildings.

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Cold store

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Cold store sandwich panels are used in the construction of cold stores, freezers, and other objects in the agri-food industry. They comprise two galvanised and painted steel facings, and a structural core of PUR/PIR foam. They are characterised by the highest thermal parameters (very-low heat-transfer coefficient U), so they perfectly meet the requirements for ensuring the high thermal insulation of walls and roofs. Cold store panels in our product portfolio can be made of various types of facing, adjusted in each case to increases in sanitary and hygienic requirements. The special profiling of the sandwich-panel lock and designed technical details guarantee high the durability and tightness of the thermal barriers, which makes the cold store sandwich panels the ideal product for the construction of halls and warehouses for food and agricultural facilities.

Rohové sendvičové panely


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Prefabricated corner sandwich panels, so-called corners, facilitate the creation of architecturally aesthetic edges for building cladding. The main advantage of the corners is fastening without the use of flashings, which makes the finishing element of façade systems extremely effective and aesthetic.


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ARPANEL PREMIUM LINE is a modern line of ARPANEL sandwich panels, which was created with the cooperation with Tata Steel company. It is dedicated to the most demanding customers. ARPANEL PREMIUM LINE is a fantastic combination of ARPANEL sandwich panels and pre-finished steel by Tata Steel. PREMIUM LINE products depending on the customers’ preferences and needs arising from the application in a given environment are characterized by unique look, enhanced durability, quality, resistance, and functionality. Depending on the environment’s aggressiveness in which the product has to be used, the appropriate organic coating is selected. ARPANEL sandwich panels with special organic coating by Tata Steel of the new PREMIUM LINE are appropriate for cladding system of buildings with enhanced aesthetics and buildings which must last in the most demanding and aggressive external environmental conditions. The materials of those buildings must be characterized by increased resistance and solidity to ensure customers about the long-lasting operation of the building. ARPANEL PREMIUM LINE sandwich panels are also applied inside the buildings in which, due to the demanding environment and controlled atmosphere, the durability and strength of the material must be ensured.