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The development of industry and competition, as well as the increase in the ecological requirements for building structures, require investors to use the most-modern building materials in the implementation of their investments. This is why ARPANEL sandwich panels are of the highest quality. They are made of galvanised steel sheets with an organic coating, e.g. polyester, whose task is to ensure sufficient stiffness and load capacity, and additionally to protect the insulation core. The parameters of the steel facing are adapted to the requirements of the project each time, and the wide range of colors guarantees the unique character of the façade.


Comprehensiveness is the basic quality required on the market when creating modern industrial, cubature, commercial, office, sports, agricultural, and public buildings. Customers who value their time want the portfolio of the company to be wide and flexible, so ARPANEL meets these requirements by guaranteeing a wide range of accessories for sandwich panels.


Over the past few years, we have seen huge changes in the process of designing industrial facilities. On the one hand, the changes involve more and more modern designed technical solutions, but on the other hand, we will notice the increasing pressure from the short lead times to prepare the project documentation, as well as the pressure to “fit in” with the expected investment budget. In response to this, our company provides a wide range of technical and design support. This is why we want as soon as possible to provide you with comprehensive information, and products which will meet the technical criteria set for the facilities, as well as the budget benchmarks. ARPANEL’s sales-department staff will always suggest and advise on any technical solutions which meet the needs of a given investment.



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First step

Contact our Sales Representative in order to present your product needs. Our Representative will prepare a personalised portfolio for you, according to prior arrangements.


Second step

Your order will be sent to the Customer Service Department, where it will be entered into the system. The Customer-Service Department will send you an order confirmation to verify the previously agreed order details. After sending back the signed documents and completing all formalities, the order will be released for production.


Third step

The Production-Planning Department will select the appropriate material for the order and plan the arrangement of the panels into packages to optimise transport in accordance with the previously sent delivery schedule. It will then determine the date of production so that the goods are ready for pick-up/delivery in accordance with the previous arrangements.


Fourth step

After receiving the order, the Production Department will prepare the material according to the guidelines included in the production order, and then proceed to the process of manufacturing the sandwich panels.


Fifth step

The Logistics Department will contact you after the production of the ordered sandwich panels has been completed, to determine the date and time of delivery of the goods to the construction site, or, in the case of receipt in person, to determine the date and time of receipt.


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